Salveo Yoga Winter Wellness Program

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Salveo Yoga's Winter Wellness program is designed to help keep you engaged in a comprehensive wellness program through the winter months. Our program will run from January- March 2021.


As part of this wellness program, members will receive a monthly wellness box with items specifically selected as a companion to reflect our monthly themes: ROOT, GROW, BLOOM.


The goal of this program is to cultivate a lifestyle that embraces wellness and living mindfully through yoga, nutrition, health, a mindful connection to nature and community.

The Winter Wellness Program Includes:

  • A personalized wellness assessment
  • Monthly Virtual Workshops
  • Private Yoga Coaching Call
  • Monthly Wellness Challenges
  • Access to Salveo Plus PRIVATE Channel for Personalized Yoga Guides and Classes
  • (Monthly) Wellness box with lifestyle items provided by Salveo's partners
  • Weekly Wellness Tips
  • Healthy Recipes and a monthly virtual cooking class - Namaste Cafe
  • Fireside Yoga & Hiking (3)
  • WOGA/Forest Bathing
  • Mindful Meetups & Pop-up program

You get all of these services and wellness treats for $425 !!